Have you ever attended a conference or event where you learned aThe Conference Catcher - Your Ultimate Event Learning Tool lot of new information, met interesting people, and collected all kinds of hand-outs and business cards, and then returned home with great intentions—only to let all of your notes and ideas end up in a pile never to be seen again?

This drives me crazy! And so I decided to create a book that would help put an end to post-conference procrastination and also serve as a tool for attendees at events.

The Conference Catcher: An Organized Journal for Capturing Ideas, Resources, and Action Items at Educational Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events

The 160-page trade paperback book is ideal for anyone who wants to organize notes, contacts, ideas, and action items while attending an event—and have a record that you can refer to for years to come.

The Conference Catcher is available at Amazon.com and other online outlets. Bulk pricing and customization is also available for corporate sponsors. Visit Authority Publishing for additional details and contact information.