Yesterday I delivered a webinar hosted by InterCall with over 1,700 Content Marketing on the Internet and Beyond - Presentation by Stephanie Chandler, Professional Speakerregistered participants! The topic: Expand Your Brand Online: Simple Strategies to Increase Website Traffic and Build Buzz Online.

My inbox has since been flooded with requests for a copy of the slides, which I am happy to make available. You can download the PDF version of the slides here.

A slightly modified version of the slides are also available for viewing via SlideShare.

You can download a copy of the handout here.

Several people reported trouble with the audio when I read off the social media resources so here they are again: – Resource for monitoring Twitter activity. – Use this to schedule posts to Twitter and your other social networks. – I use this to automatically follow back users who follow me on Twitter.

Thanks very much for your participation!

-Stephanie Chandler

P.S. My new book is coming in January and covers all of the topics from this presentation:
Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Your Authority and Promote Your Service-Based Business Online and Beyond (pre-sale coming soon!)