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Stephanie Chandler

Stephanie Chandler is an award-winning author of several books includingThe Nonfiction Book Marketing and Launch Plan and The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan. As founder and CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association (established 2013) and Nonfiction Writers Conference (established 2010), she is passionate about helping fellow writers make a difference in the world.

Stephanie is also a coffee-loving insomniac who enjoys road trips, tacos, cats, and antique typewriters. (Not necessarily in that order.) She resides in Folsom, a lovely community in Northern California near Sacramento. 

Stephanie Chandler - CEO Nonfiction Authors Association

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The Nonfiction Book Marketing and Launch Plan

Build Your Audience and Sell More Books –
A Workbook and Planning Guide

The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan

The Professional Guide to Profitable Self-Publishing

Own Your Niche

Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business

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Since 2010 the Nonfiction Writers Conference has been hosted entirely online. This annual event features three days of live learning sessions, Q&A with speakers, literary agent pitches, one-on-one consultations, and virtual networking. Discover why attendees return each year!

Nonfiction Book Club

This unique online magazine features suggested reading list for nonfiction book lovers. Many books highlighted here include titles honored by the Nonfiction Book Awards as well as books by members of the Nonfiction Authors Association. Come find your next favorite book choice!

” Stephanie is the real deal! She provided a tremendous amount of valuable content to the attendees of our book marketing conference, so much in fact that I wish we had booked her for another session because clearly she had much more expertise to share than what we asked her to speak about. She is obviously on top of trends in book marketing and publishing. The information she shares is relevant and immediately actionable for both budding authors and those wanting to learn new tricks and trends. And she is so buttoned up that as soon as we were done speaking on the phone, I already had a one-sheet on her topic. I wish every speaker was this on top of it. I highly recommend her. ” – Alexandra Watkins, Chairperson, 2019 Berrett-Koehler Book Marketing Conference, Author, “Hello, My Name is Awesome

“Stephanie Chandler is a very warm, personable individual. She has spoken many times for the National Speakers Association of Northern California. Her interactive presentation on how to write and publish a nonfiction book was very well received by our members. Stephanie’s presentation style is very clear and easy to follow. Her interactive presentation style really engaged our members. I highly recommended Stephanie Chandler to any organization looking for a highly knowledgeable, engaging speaker.” – Gary L. McKinsey, 2014-2015 President National Speakers Association Northern California

My benchmark for a successful presentation is to see every member in the room jot down at least a few notes. In Stephanie’s case the pens were flying that evening. I saw many members leaving with a stack of notes (and I was among that group). I referred to my notes many times since then and heard no fewer than a dozen positive follow up comments about Stephanie’s presentation, “From Trainer to Infopreneur.” It was full of practical and immediately useful information and tips that was inhaled by our group. We’d have her back in a minute. I’d give her a 5.5 on a five-point scale for both information and presentation!” – Bruce Winner, Program Director for the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)

“Thank you, Stephanie for your excellent training on how to launch a book. I followed your advice on launching a self-published book and sold the first shipment prior to its arrival! I was also picked up by Walmart, Target and Barnes and Noble online. My sales on Amazon are picking up speed. The classes on niche, title choice, key words and serving the needs of the reader are GOLD! Thank you!” – Pamela J. Vincent, Author of Dare To Be A Badass: Find your voice, find your power, find your purpose!,

“Stephanie, As I said early on, you are amazing. You have a terrific knowledge base on so many subjects. Your course provides an excellent roadmap for running the publishing marathon. So many people told me that the hardest part of being an author was the marketing but I never fully appreciated it until now. You have saved me countless hours of research into the various processes and I know in the end these things will result in significant sales!” – Dr. John W. Hanes, Author of Winning with Style: Six Proven Strategies to Forge Powerful Relationships, Writer

“I’ve been with NFAA since Stephanie started the group and feel that she has worked hard ever since to constantly increase the value she brings to members. As a longtime self-published author, I also believe she is raising the standards of our whole industry by providing real value in educating nonfiction writers about the professional way to go about creating and publishing content. I very much appreciate what she has done and continues to do for us all, and one of the best ways she does it is through the Nonfiction Writers Conference. She always has the best speakers. – Mary Shafer, Author/Publisher, Word Forge Books, “Metal Detecting For Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started” –

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