Stephanie Chandler maintains several business entities under her company, Stephanie Chandler Enterprises, LLC, and offers the following services.


Stephanie only works with a small number of consulting clients per year, though inquiries are always welcome. If you are seeking a budget-friendly option, consider joining the Nonfiction Authors Association. Stephanie is active with members there and the focus of the association is to educate members about book publishing and marketing.

Nonfiction Authors AssociationNonfiction Authors Association

  • An educational community for experienced and aspiring writers
  • Monthly teleseminars featuring industry experts
  • Exclusive content released weekly
  • Private online forum for member discussions
  • Free and paid membership levels
  • For additional information visit

Nonfiction Writers Conference

  • Launched in 2010, the Nonfiction Writers Conference is an online event conducted annually with 15 speakers over three days
  • The event is held in May each year, with participants from around the globe
  • For additional information visit

  • BIG_Frog-200Launched in 2004, this site provides resources for entrepreneurs
  • Featuring guest interviews with entrepreneurs in various fields and guest articles
  • Guest contributors are welcome to submit content for consideration
  • Many corporate sponsors have partnered with us for advertising, online events (webinars, Twitter chats, podcasts), promotions and give-aways, etc.
  • For additional information visit

Authority Publishing

  • Comprehensive custom publishing solutions for nonfiction books
  • Currently only accepting clients by referral. For additional information visit